Dazzlers & Toppers

Dazzlers & Toppers

is committed to supplying its customers world over quality Flavor & Fragrance ingredients, consistently and conforming to the legislations in the consuming countries. It seeks to harness its strengths in India and China to supply Value to its customers.

Dazzlers, provides accurate market reports on some of the major ingredients,which are a real time feedback on the market and serve as an important decision tool to the buyers.

It seeks to propogate latest trends of Organic farming at the next stage ,to provide certified Organic oils.

We have shut down our Office in New Jersey. Please note that our Principal Place of Business is our Office in Michigan

Consistent quality customized to individual needs has been the keystone to the growth of Dazzlers & Toppers Inc. As a company we have built relationships, as the world of Flavor and Fragrance ingredients demands reliability. Our customers trust in our Quality and their repeated patronage is a true measure of our success.

Dazzlers, since its inception has been focusing at getting key flavor and fragrance ingredients either from its own units in India or from its associate manufacturers across the globe. The ethos in any case has been the purity and the quality of the product

Starting out as a manufacturer and distributor for mint and allied products the company rapidly gained repute for its reliability and responsiveness, and the customer support has really been the driving force for our expansion and foray into other products. The company gradually diversified into Chemicals, Natural isolates, Essential Oils and Floral Absolutes. Today our own manufacturing units in India are supplemented by accredited suppliers from all around the world.

When you deal with Dazzlers and Toppers, you get:

VALUE For Money

INTEGRITY of Supplies


ACCURATE Market Info

The Company will now have stocking points both in USA and Europe for a range of Essential oils/Menthol and allied products and key Aroma Chemicals.

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